Academic Advising at Melbourne

Academic Advising at Melbourne aims to connect you with our vibrant, diverse and inclusive community outside of the classroom and make the most of your time at University.

Find out more about the benefits of having an adviser, the program timeline and what kind of support is available for students on the Academic Advising at Melbourne home page.

What is academic advising?

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As part of your first-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) student experience, you will be matched with an academic adviser in your second semester of study. Your academic adviser will take an active interest in your wellbeing, progress and success throughout your undergraduate degree.

Navigating the opportunities and challenges of university can be a lot to think about. Meeting with an academic outside of your usual teaching and learning activities ensures you have access to our vibrant, diverse and inclusive community beyond the classroom and make the most of your time at University.

“I left feeling connected to the university, and felt supported and looked out for as an individual”

Navigating future pathways will mean taking advice from academics and peers from within and outside of your chosen discipline.  Think of this step as a first of many connections with academics you can make, which ensure you are best placed to navigate this dynamic time.

Who is eligible?

Academic Advising at Melbourne will first be available to all 2020 commencing first-year undergraduate students in their second semester of study, ongoing.

Not a first-year Bachelor of Science student? Visit the Science at Melbourne website to find out what other programs, services and activities you can get involved in.

How do I apply?

There’s no need to apply to get involved in Academic Advising at Melbourne.

All eligible first-year students will get a notification in late August via the my.uniLife app once they’ve been matched with an adviser and have had their first advising session scheduled.

When is my first advising session?

Your group advising meeting will take place between Weeks 6–8 in Semester 2, 2020.

In your first year, you’ll meet with a group of other BSc students. You’ll have the option of meeting with your adviser for one-on-one advising sessions in your second and third years.

Download the my.uniLife app to make sure you stay up to date with any announcements and updates regarding your adviser and advising sessions.


  • I didn’t go to my Peer Mentoring sessions. Can I still participate in Academic Advising at Melbourne?

    Yes! Even if you didn’t attend your sessions in Semester 1 with your peer mentor, you’re still very much encouraged and welcome to participate in Academic Advising at Melbourne.

  • Who will my academic adviser be?

    You’ll be matched with an academic staff member from either the Faculty of Science, Melbourne School of Engineering, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences or the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

    The my.uniLife app will be updated to display your adviser’s profile and your scheduled meeting time by 24 August.

  • Will I be able to meet my academic adviser face-to-face?

    In Semester 2, 2020 all academic advising meetings will take place virtually via Zoom.

  • Will my academic adviser help with course advice and career planning?

    An academic adviser is there to provide general guidance and support but not to provide course planning advice or career counselling. They will share their knowledge and experience about university and professional life, with tips about techniques or support services.

    This sort of advice can help you to make informed decision about your studies and career choices, but academic advising is not related to subject or course content.

  • What will we talk about?

    Meeting with your adviser will give you the space to think, share ideas, talk about your goals and explore opportunities with an academic member of our BSc community.

    Your adviser will come prepared with discussion topics and questions to ask you and your group so that you can all get to know one another and set some goals for what you would like to achieve through academic advising.

    Take some time to think of questions you might like to ask your adviser, so you can get to know them better and make the most of your own experience.

    • Have you always had clear and consistent career goals?
    • What was your undergraduate experience like?
    • What do you like most about your position at the University of Melbourne?
    • Who do you turn to for advice and guidance?
    • Do you have any experience working in the industry, in addition to your work as a researcher or in academia?
  • I’m not a first-year BSc student – what about me?

    See the What other advising programs can I get involved in? FAQ below for other great advising and mentoring programs for later-year BSc and grad students.

  • What other advising programs can I get involved in?