BSc Academic Advising Program

Work closely with an academic to identify goals and develop a plan for your future!

Through the BSc Academic Advising Program, all 2nd year BSc students can be mentored by an academic from within the Faculty of Science. Your mentor will offer advice and support as you navigate through the BSc and make decisions about your future both academically and professionally.

Applications are now open for limited places.


  • Through academic advising, you will connect with experienced academics to clarify your goals and determine the steps needed to achieve them.
  • Your mentor will provide you with support as you plan your future and make the most of your Bachelor of Science.
  • Academic advising is not a tutoring or course planning service: your mentor will not be able to directly help you with assessments.
  • Mentors are available from Biosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, Earth Sciences, Geography, Physics and Ecosystem and Forest Science.

How academic mentoring works

  • You will be matched with a mentor based on the broad discipline you’re studying.
  • You will have up to 3 meetings with your mentor, including:
    • 1 group meeting in Semester 1, 2020 with up to 4 other students
    • 1 individual meeting in Semester 2, 2020
  • Your first meeting will be scheduled for you and you will schedule the second meeting directly with your mentor.
  • You will receive resources to support the meeting and ensure you get the most out of academic mentoring.

How to prepare

Before your first meeting, you will need to complete an online preparatory module.

You are encouraged to attend a preparatory workshop in Semester 1.

How to apply

Applications open: 1 April 2020

Applications close: 6 April  2020

You will automatically be assigned an academic mentor and your first session will be held between 21 – 24 April.

Apply now


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