Where can a BSc take me

There is a huge range of potential careers, most of which you will probably not be familiar with. It can be a daunting task to know where to start. This resource is intended to help you get started with your research into potential careers. It is not a comprehensive listing of science careers, but it will give you some insight into the different ways you can use your skills and knowledge to build your career.

Jessie McKinnon

“Two days before the final exam of my degree, I received a call from Coles to say that they'd love to offer me a permanent role in the Supply Chain Optimisation team immediately after I finished my degree. So now, I work as a full-time Systems Analyst in their Supply Chain Operations department!”

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Jessie majored in Mathematics & Statistics with a focus on Discrete Mathematics and Operations Research

Adrian Tsai

“Over half a year before graduating I was offered a job by Microsoft. I am currently residing in Redmond, Washington, where I am working as a Software Development Engineer on Windows Phone, which is Microsoft's next-generation smartphone operating system. Unimelb careers events are what ultimately landed me where I am now.”

Adrian majored in Computer Science and enjoyed participating in programming competitions during his Bachelor of Science.