Chemical Sales Representitive

Chemical Sales Representative

  1. What does a Chemical Sales Representative do?
    Chemical Sales Representatives represent companies selling a range of industrial, medical and pharmaceutical goods and services to industrial, business, professional and other establishments. Chemical Sales Representatives provide technical advice to customers and relay the feedback from customers to production chemists or quality control chemists to improve the products on offer.
  2. Why does a Chemical Sales Representative do this?
    Chemical Sales Representatives can help individuals and businesses with chemical solutions to problems and can help improve businesses immensely. This is a very hands-on and people-focused job, which can have vast personal rewards. People who enjoy solving problems with practical alternatives, who have a bit of business flair, would be well suited to this role. Chemical Sales Representatives are able to network extensively through their roles.
  3. How does a Chemical Sales Representative do their job?
    Chemical Sales Representatives do have a lot of face-to-face interactions with their clients, so the biggest tool required is a friendly and confident attitude! Computing and strong research skills are necessary to acquire and update knowledge of employers' and competitors' goods and services, as well as market conditions.
  4. Where do Chemical Sales Representatives do their job?
    Liaising and building relationships with clients is the main aim of this job. so much of the role in conducted on the road – travelling to the clients and showing them the products and how they work at the buyer's factories/farms. Inspections of any defects or potential misuse of the products is also generally conducted at the client's base.
    It is best to see firsthand what it is that the client needs the products for, and where the products will be used, in order to assess the benefits of products, which can vary from client to client.
  5. Minimum degree required
    A Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering is necessary, as Chemical Sales Representatives are required to understand the technical knowledge behind all of a company's products.
  6. Average salary per year
    The average salary for a Technical Sales Representative is $76 648 excluding super.
  7. Job outlook
    Over the five years to November 2017, the number of job openings for Technical Sales Representatives is expected to be above average.
  8. Related occupations
    • Marketing Officer
    • Retail Buyer
    • Agriculture
    • Sales Manager
    • Chemical Product Manufacturing
    • Production Chemist
    • Quality Control Chemist
  9. Companies that employ Chemical Sales Representatives
    All large companies that produce and/or sell chemicals (with many in the agricultural sector) require Chemical Sales Representatives to promote their products to potential buyers.