Environmental Consultant

What does an Environmental Consultant do?

Environmental Consultants provide expert advice and assessment services to industry and government relating to the management of environmental issues. They evaluate current environmental policy, management practices and conduct detailed audits of clients operations. On this basis, they help design and implement efficient policy systems and processes to mitigate current and future environmental impact. Environmental Consultants may also be responsible for raising awareness across all levels of an organisation on the importance of conservation, sustainability and other environment-related matters.

Why does an Environmental Consultant do this?

Environmental Consultants play an important role in reducing any detrimental impacts on the environment from commercial or government initiatives. They also play an equally important role in ensuring transparency in decision making on issues relating to the environment and increasing awareness of environmental issues to industry and government.

How does an Environmental Consultant do their job?

Environmental Consultants work across a wide range of industries and have quite varied activities. Some key tasks could include:

  • Conducting analysis and providing expert advice to business and government on how legislation impacts projects;
  • Conducting field surveys to, for example, establish a baseline condition for levels of pollution or contamination for a site proposed for development;
  • Interpreting data from field surveys using software modelling tools to establish if contamination exists;
  • Developing conceptual models using data collected and analysed from field surveys. This involves identifying critical pathways and receptors that could potentially have an adverse impact on the immediate and wider environment;
  • Report writing to provide detailed advice to clients that can be used to assist decision making on legislation or industry projects.

Where do Environmental Consultants do their work?

Environmental Consultants usually work in offices mixed in with lab work. They may also spend significant time out in the field conducting field surveys of clients' sites of interest. When in the office, they generally work a standard 38 hour week, though when carrying out field assessments, they tend to have an irregular working schedule in order to fit around clients' various commitments.

  • Botanist
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  • Hydrologist
  • Natural resource Manager
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  • Industrial chemist.

Organisations that employ Environmental Consultants

There are many employment opportunities for environmental consultants, including: