Physical Sciences

Careers in the Physical Sciences are varied and can extend across multiple fields.

The strong problem solving and analytical skills developed by students who study the Physical Sciences are highly regarded by employers in the following industries; health, manufacturing, banking and finance, government and education.

Points to consider when looking at potential careers in the Physical Sciences include:

  • Look at a number of discipline areas, due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the science;
  • Many scientific and technological roles offer further specialised training on the job;
  • Graduate entry programs offer on the job training;
  • Many jobs, especially at entry level, are looking for generic skills that have been developed during your degree, rather than particular scientific knowledge;
  • Further study and qualifications may be necessary to progress your career, depending on the particular field.

Jobs in Physical Sciences

Patent Examiner

Patent Examiners investigate patent applications and report on whether they comply with the requirements of patent legislation before granting patent rights for new inventions. The work of patent examiners is technically complex, involving knowledge of technical processes used in industry and advances      in scientific research.

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Physicists study the behaviour of the physical world at the most basic level and find practical ways to apply new knowledge gained from their research in areas of science and technology.

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