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Published: 01 May 2019

Understanding the Deep Earth

Despite the miraculous feats you may have seen in movies such as ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ or ‘The Core’, accessing the interior of our planet is presently impossible given the extreme temperatures and pressures any probe (or person) would experience. In fact, the deepest hole on Earth (Kola Superdeep Borehole, Russia) only reaches to 12 kilometres depth at a diameter of just 9 inches. With these difficulties in mind we must find other ways to understand the processes occurring inside the interior of our planet. In my case, that is through interrogating the geochemistry of rare, but valuable, rocks.


Published: 21 Sep 2018

Chief Data & Analytics Officer Melbourne conference

A group of University of Melbourne science students recently attended the Corinium Chief Data & Analytics Officer Melbourne conference. The interactive day provided insights into how organisations are tackling the high-priority challenges facing data executives today including governance, privacy, culture, talent and the effective application of AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics. With over 60 speakers from companies such as Uber, TNT, NAB and HSBC, the day was full of industry experts, including University of Melbourne's Business Development Director, Jack Rejtman.

Jack sitting with a patient outside a Unicef tent

Published: 12 Jun 2018

Making connections through international fieldwork and conference presentations

My name is Jack Simkin, and I graduated in April 2018 from the Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne. After completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science at RMIT in 2012, I worked as a Hydrographer for 4 years, collecting water quality and river flow information across Victoria. This experience in the work force helped me focus my ambitions for coming back to university, culminating in a year ling research project, which took me from a coastal Fijian community to presenting at the Resilience2017 conference in Stockholm, Sweden.