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Science Student News

Science Student News

The 'Science Student News' Facebook page is full of information about upcoming events, current news, and job and scholarship listings.

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Science at Melbourne

Also visit the 'Science at Melbourne' Facebook page and Instagram and Twitter accounts to find out what's happening in science across the University, Australia and world.

Student newsletters

The Faculty of Science sends out two newsletters to students:

  • BSc News is sent fortnightly during semester to undergraduate students.
  • Graduate Science News is sent monthly throughout the year to graduate students.

Each newsletter contains events, workshops, scholarships, jobs, tips, opportunities, and lots more.  All current students are automatically included in the mailing list.

If you are staff and wish to subscribe to any of the above, please email with your request.

  • BSc Newsletter

    Semester 1 2022

    Submission date Publishing date
    Monday 14 February Thursday 17 February
    Monday 28 February Thursday 3 March
    Monday 14 March Thursday 17 March
    Monday 28 March Thursday 31 March
    Monday 11 April Thursday 14 April
    Monday 25 April Thursday 28 April
    Monday 9 May Thursday 12 May
    Tuesday 23 May Thursday 26 May
    Monday 6 June Thursday 9 June

    Semester 2 2022

    Submission date Publishing date
    Monday 11 July Thursday 14 July
    Monday 25 July Thursday 28 July
    Monday 8 August Thursday 11 Aug
    Monday 22 August Thursday 25 August
    Monday 5 September Thursday 8 September
    Monday 19 September Thursday 22 September
    Monday 3 October Thursday 6 October
    Monday 17 October Thursday 20 October
  • GradSc and GR Newsletters

    Semester 1 2022

    Submission date Publishing date
    Monday 31 January Thursday 3 February
    Monday 7 March Thursday 10 March
    Monday 4 April Thursday 7 April
    Monday 2 May Thursday 5 May
    Monday 30 May Thursday 2 June

    Semester 2 2022

    Submission date Publishing date
    Monday 4 July Thursday 7 July
    Monday 1 August Thursday 4 August
    Monday 29 August Thursday 1 September
    Monday 26 September Thursday 29 September
    Monday 24 October Thursday 27 October
    Monday 21 November Thursday 24 November

Submitting news to us

You can submit items to us for inclusion in our newsletters using the Faculty of Science newsletters submission form. Please follow these guidelines:

Submissions should be:

  • No more than 75 words
  • Concise, factual, and appropriate for the relevant cohort.

Do not submit items that include:

  • Commercial advertising
  • Promotional or sales material
  • Emotive or controversial language.

Examples of suitable topics are:

  • Info sessions
  • Expos
  • Student events such as lunches/BBQs
  • Services to students
  • Workshops
  • Application deadlines for scholarships or courses.

Submissions may be edited for clarity and adherence to guidelines. If a submission requires significant editing, we may ask you to rewrite the notice or provide further information.