Find out what to expect from progress reviews, learn how to enhance your research experience with mentoring and receive help with skill-building and thesis writing.

Getting involved

This stage of your research is a good time to remember that being a graduate researcher is about more than writing your thesis. There are opportunities to learn, lead and build on your research skills to ensure the best career outcomes following your graduation.


Mentoring is a fantastic way to engage with other researchers in your field and be advised by industry leaders and alumni, so consider participating in IMNIS mentoring, the STEM Industry Mentoring Program and Ask Alumni. There's also opportunities to be active in your community, from representing the Faculty of Science as a Science Student Ambassador to supporting high schools in low socioeconomic areas through In2Science.

Enhance Your Research Experience

There’s also ways to Enhance Your Research Experience. Some examples include:

  • Thesis Bootcamps, where you can develop your writing skills and dedicate time to writing up. You’ll be presented with new strategies for successful writing that you’ll be able to apply
  • The Faculty of Science’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition, an annual event where you can practice effective communication by sharing your research with a wide audience
  • The GR Professional Skills Series, where you’ll have an opportunity to hear from professionals and to cultivate those skills and practices required to pursue your individual career path.

Progress milestones

Progress reviews

Progress reviews are a key milestone in your degree where you and your advisory committee will meet to discuss and assess your progress, highlight achievements, identify problems, and set goals to support the timely completion of your thesis.

Please refer to candidature milestones to check your expected progress reviews throughout your candidature. The number of progress reviews will vary depending on whether you’re full-time or part-time, however, you must complete at least one progress review per year following confirmation. You can view the due dates of your milestones by visiting my.unimelb.

More on progress reviews

Making changes to your course

Throughout your degree you’re able to make changes and manage your candidature.

Making changes to your course

Please visit Managing Difficulties for advice on resolving issues during your candidature.