International Internship in Environment

International Internship in Environment (GEOG90022)

Undertaking this subject provides an exciting opportunity to gain exposure to different cultural contexts whilst exploring different career pathways.

I was given a lot of autonomy and through this I was able to find challenges and overcome them. This, I found was the most important aspect of the internship, which taught me more about myself and how to approach tricky situations. Evan Thomas spent 200 hours working on a sustainable cacao farm in Ecuador during his Master of Urban Horticulture, using mapping techniques to help them manage their tree inventories.

What are the benefits?

Many! Students comment that they are able to:

  • Identify and articulate their knowledge and skills and apply them to relevant science organisational contexts and work-settings;
  • Demonstrate their analytical, research and problem-solving skills;
  • Understand the value of industry and professional networks and their importance to lifelong learning and career progression;
  • Greater confidence in their ability to contribute to an international work environment, awareness of the strengths they offer to a future employer as well as areas to further develop beyond their degree.


Thinking of doing the subject?

    If you would like to discuss options for international placements, please organise to meet with the Careers & Industry Consultant for the Faculty of Science ( or discuss your ideas with the subject coordinator.

Found your placement?

Once you have secured your placement and have confirmation from your host, you can complete the online application form. Please apply via the Online Application and Risk Assessment Form.

Additional resources to assist you with finding a placement