Industry Project in Biotechnology

Industry Project in Biotechnology (SCIE90015)

As a core of the Master of Biotechnology, this subject provides practical insights into the role of science and scientific thinking within business, and the successful application of this perspective, along with communication and business tools, to work environments. Small syndicate groups act as 'consultants' and address a practical industry challenge/issue of a commercial nature which has been identified by an industry partner.

The Industry Project is open to companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agricultural and related industries. Past projects include market research, competitor analysis and intelligence, client surveys, Intellectual Property (IP) analysis and landscaping, business and product planning, and identifying partnership opportunities.

What are the benefits?

Students comment that they are able to:

  • Identify and articulate their knowledge and skills and apply them to organisational contexts and work-settings
  • Demonstrate their analytical, research and problem-solving skills
  • Understand the value of industry and professional networks and their importance to lifelong learning and career progression
  • Greater confidence in their ability to contribute to an operating work environment, awareness of the strengths they offer to a future employer as well as areas to further develop beyond their degree

Thinking of doing the subject?  

If you would like to discuss the projects in more detail, please contact the Subject Coordinator, Ute Roessner

Meet some internship students

Trang Tran, Master of Biotechnology Industry Project, Metabloq A group of students who completed an internship at Metabloq Pharmaceuticals as a part of the Master of Biotechnology Industry projectPharmaceuticals 2018

"It was a great opportunity to be one of the team members in this year-long industry project. It helped me gain real industry work experience and develop soft skills and friendships. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful opportunity in the last year of my Master's degree."

Sharon Sim, Master of Biotechnology Industry Project, OSA Technology Malaysia 2017Sharon Sim Biotech Industry Project student completed an internship with OSA Technology Malaysia

"I started doing the Master of Biotechnology at the University of Melbourne because I was attracted to the industry project. I learnt a lot of different skills working on this project such as cold calls and emails to set up meetings with potential collaborators in industry but the most valuable thing I learnt in this project was to manage people and get the right person to do the right job."

Recent industry partners