Industry Project in Data Science

This capstone project will provide the culmination of the Master of Data Science degree. It will apply the skills developed during the degree to a practical problem of relevance to science, industry, commerce or society in general. Small syndicate groups act as 'consultants' and work on real-world projects for our partner organisations.

Data Science Project pt1 (MAST90106)

Data Science Project pt2 (MAST90107)

In a typical project, students begin by exploring the data provided by a host organisation and develop a suitable analysis protocol under the supervision of an academic data scientist, providing a proof of concept and sharing insights into the original goals of the analysis. After receiving feedback from the industry partner, in the second part of the project students complete their analyses and target specific questions using state-of-the art machine learning and statistical techniques.

Past projects have included data exploration and visualisation, statistical inference, model building for prediction and classification, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

What are the benefits?

Students comment that they are able to:

  • Identify and articulate their knowledge and skills and apply them to organisational contexts and work-settings;
  • Demonstrate their analytical, research and problem-solving skills;
  • Understand the value of industry and professional networks and their importance to lifelong learning and career progression;
  • Gain greater confidence in their ability to contribute to an operating work environment, awareness of the strengths they offer to a future employer as well as areas to further develop beyond the degree.

"It was great practice and valuable experience working on the industry project. We had the chance to utilise the knowledge that we learned, there were unexpected situations...we got to play around with all the techniques on a real-world scenario.

Besides the technical skills, the experience improved our communication skills, including writing emails, presentation skills, and negotiation skills. I have already found a job. I believe that such an experience is an excellent add-on to my resume."

Master of Data Science student, 2018

Thinking of doing the subject?

If you would like to discuss the projects in more detail, please contact the Course Coordinator, Dr Karim Seghouane (