Adam Cooper

Adam’s first taste of tertiary education came from the University of Melbourne Extension Program, which allowed him to study first-year biology subjects in year 12.

Adam Cooper

I started biology in year ten to accelerate my VCE, but quickly discovered my love for science. I found it fascinating that the small and arbitrary systems that exist within our bodies could all coincide to create large and complex organisms like ourselves. Studying biology makes me curious about how we may be able to understand these processes better and take advantage of them to help cure disease and solve other large and global problems.

I am currently studying Foundation of Genetics and Genomics, as well as Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine. The two subjects take on a very different scope in biology, which keeps things interesting, and they complement each other nicely.

My advice is to give things a shot. Take every opportunity that comes your way. There’s no harm in putting your hand up for something. Following your interests broadly and learning about new topics will definitely help you find your passion. In early high school, I tried putting myself forward for any science event offered by my school, which led me to some great opportunities and guided me to where I am today.

The University of Melbourne Extension Program (UMEP) in biology gives high achieving Year 12 VCE students the opportunity to advance their education by studying first-year university subjects in biology while still completing their VCE.

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