Amanda Loh

Bachelor of Science graduate, Amanda Loh, talks about how she found her passion for neuroscience.

I aim to pursue Music Neuropsychology within the Neuroscience field. It’s an extremely specialized area and there aren’t many people that had delved into it just yet, but it’s my dream to integrate music, neuroscience and psychology.  The lecturers I've gotten thus far at the University of Melbourne have been some of the best lecturers I had ever been taught by. I still can't believe that some of my favourite textbook authors are teaching me live, and this is probably the best experience ever.

Hailing from a Commerce background before university, it is due to sheer determination as well as mentoring that got me to where I am today. It started with attending a Bio-Psychology talk back in Malaysia, whereby I first met my mentor, who coincidentally was the Head of Department of the program I was in. Her speech was awe-inspiring and talking to her more about it after the speech made me more intrigued in the area of Biology with Psychology. Since then I have been hooked on Neuroscience.

My time at Melbourne has given me the opportunity to meet new people, to discover cultures which I had never heard before, and to be able to listen and get new perspectives. Back at home, everyone came from the same background, and I generally talked less to people that were from overseas. In Uni, I made an effort to talk to everyone I meet regardless of where they come from and this has really changed who I am.

It isn't all about results, it's also about the life we live.

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