Brad Den Heijer

The university has been a great platform to meet a lot of new people, develop some life-long friendships and really experience all that Melbourne and Australia has to offer.

I have an interest in science and I particularly enjoy studying Mathematics as it is very useful, interesting, and fun.

At the moment I don't really have a dream career, I'm really just seeing where the winds will take me. I know I will be equipped with the skills for a good career path and I will be open to many opportunities after I graduate. The high level and standards of education at UoM has made me aware of how privileged I am to be studying here.

My advice would be to enjoy every moment of studying, as hard as that may sound, so that you actually learn the content and don’t solely care about the marks. Science requires a lot of hard work and motivation to understand content; therefore, it is essential to have an interest in learning. What's most important is the 'big picture' to get life-long knowledge and skills applicable to your area of study.

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