Chantelle Calonge

Chantelle has always found science interesting but it wasn’t until VCE, where she was able to pick specific sciences to study, that her passion for science really began.

chantelle calogne headshot

I always found high school science interesting, but it wasn’t until VCE, where we could pick specific sciences to study, that my passion for science really began. Science was always an engaging subject because there was almost always something new in every class.

While I found chemistry and maths interesting, there were some challenging topics, and I always loved biology. In high school, I was a part of the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program and I had the privilege to get a taste of university life. I attended VCE revision lectures and got to be a part of events. Getting to see the beautiful campus, made the University of Melbourne my goal university.

However, I didn’t know what I wanted to study. I was interested in science, law and commerce, but after being offered a position in the Bachelor of Science, my passion and enthusiasm for science blossomed. It has been a great rewarding experience as science at university is engaging and interesting with challenges to keep you on your toes. Every moment is worth it. There are so many opportunities and experiences available that enables you to explore all types of scientific fields.

When combined with all the excited, passionate and driven students and staff, you can’t help but be lit up with curiosity and eagerness to learn. My family and friends that have studied science have inspired me to be curious, to learn at every opportunity, and to spark and encourage an interest in science in others.

My high school teachers, university lecturers and tutors have all been my role models and supported me in my science pathway. The hard work and passion I’ve seen from them has inspired me to look deeper into science and what it teaches. There were not many girls in my school that were passionate and excited about science, so I am grateful for the support that I had to help me pursue it. Looking back, I would’ve loved to know more about science programs for girls to explore science in high school.

Now that I am in university, there are many passionate women in science and many opportunities and programs to participate in. Exploring these opportunities excites me for the future of women in science. I hope that girls who are interested in science are encouraged and are informed of all the opportunities and resources available to help them explore and pursue their passion.

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