Cheryl Pereira

Master of Biotechnology student, Cheryl Pereira, explains her science journey and the benefits of networking.

Cheryl Pereira

I first studied biotechnology in 10th grade. I developed a keen interest in it and it soon became my favourite subject. As I began my undergraduate degree, I developed an interest in chemistry and went on to major in it. I later decided that I would love to do my Masters in an applied field of science and, once I found out that chemistry was a prerequisite, I chose to do the Master of Biotechnology.

Studying at the University of Melbourne has been a great experience so far. I have gained practical experience in things I had previously studied in theory only. I have developed various skills, including critical thinking and problem solving, through my assignments.

This year I'm getting the industry exposure through the Industry Project subject. In an industry project, a group of four students are assigned an industry. We are then given a project by the industry which consists of solving an issue and making a commercialisation plan for the industry.

I would like to highlight the various networking events that I attended during the first year of my Masters degree, which gave me the opportunity to interact with potential employers in the future. It gave me an insight about what companies look for in an employee. It also helped me to gain self-confidence especially when approaching potential employers.

I would advise prospective students to attend as many networking events as possible. It will help them to know what employers are looking for and help to increase their self-confidence. Apart from that, I would advise them to join various clubs and societies as it will surely teach them something and help them make new friends.

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