Christopher Morton

Master of Forest Ecosystem Sciences student, Christopher Morton, discusses the highlights of his studies at the University of Melbourne.

Having studied environmental issues from a social science and humanities perspective in my undergraduate degree I was determined that I wanted to engage with environmental challenges through a more scientific lens. Forestry appealed to me as an area of study because it would allow me to pursue my new interest in the environmental sciences while at the same time continuing to engage with socio-economic drivers which influence environmental outcomes that I examined throughout my undergraduate degree.

I chose to study at the University of Melbourne because of courses offered by the department of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences. After speaking to students and lecturers in the Masters of Forest Ecosystem Science I was confident that I would enjoy the course and that it would put me a strong position to establish a career in the field. I had also completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne and was always impressed by the quality of education that I had received.

The highlight of my course has been the Bushfire and Climate intensive subject at the Creswick campus. I gained an understanding of the principles of bushfire science and the application of fire spread prediction modelling for bushfire management in Victoria. This subject has played a critical role in determining my career direction going forward. After undertaking the subject I became inspired to undertake a masters research project related to bushfire management.

My primary academic, career and personal interests have all been shaped by my experience at the University of Melbourne. This course has increased my confidence, allowed me to develop a diversity of new friends, and put me in a strong position to achieve my early career goals.

I would advise future students to consider the diversity of postgraduate subjects available at the Parkville campus to complement the core forestry subjects located at Creswick. There is a lot of opportunity to develop highly relevant skills.

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