Cindy Nguyen

Bachelor of Science student, Cindy Nguyen, describes her study journey at Melbourne and the wealth of opportunity available during undergraduate study.

All of my passions are available here at the University of Melbourne! There’s nothing more that I would want than to delve into a world of knowledge that not only suits my passions, but also gives me plenty of opportunities to take up new interests, further developing my knowledge and academic skills.

Studying at the University of Melbourne has been the most incredible 2.5 years of my life so far. I’ve learnt so much academically, while independently developing my skills and knowledge in Science. Not only do I truly value all the opportunities on offer here, but I’ve been able to passionately pursue and develop my knowledge in areas that I’ve always dreamed to learn more about.

What I have loved most throughout my Science degree are the hands-on and interactive learning opportunities. Throughout my second year, I’ve been able to put my knowledge from lecture notes and textbooks to hands-on experience in the laboratory. From working on cadavers in anatomy class to witnessing diseases and cardiovascular deformities in my Pathology classes, time at Melbourne has truly enhanced my learning.

The hardest part of university life is adapting to the upgraded level of study. Although it may be challenging to become an independent learner after high school, the mature thinking and topics of discussion in class are highly stimulating and greatly increase your skills.

So, having adapted, what at first seems the hardest part of university life actually becomes a life-changing moment, in which you take the next step towards complex thinking and contributing your ideas and discoveries to society.

The University of Melbourne encourages students to gain a well-rounded bank of knowledge from various different faculties and to participate in as many various clubs, societies and opportunities offered by the university. These opportunities are exactly what has made my university experience so incredible!

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