Claire Demeo

Bachelor of Science student, Claire Demeo, talks about her experiences on exchange and volunteering with the In2science program.

The University of Melbourne was my first preference due to its broad courses which have allowed me to really grasp what area of science I'm truly interested in so that I can make an informed decision about what career path I might take in the future.

The Bachelor of Science is a fantastic degree that allows you to keep your options open and not lock yourself in to one specific career pathway. You will discover so many fields of science, and have many opportunities to develop skills applicable to a diverse range of workplaces. There are also fantastic internship and research opportunities, which are incredibly helpful in gaining experience and knowledge.

I have been fortunate to have joined so many extra-curricular activities and other external opportunities, such as volunteering in science classrooms with In2science, as well as going on exchange to Bristol in the UK in semester 2 of my second year. These experiences have allowed me to develop so many skills which I wouldn't have previously had, and were also some of the highlights of my tertiary study experience.

Exchange, in particular, has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I would recommend it to everyone. You have the opportunity to learn in a different way, and experience the education system of a completely different country, which is very rewarding and fun. It is truly an experience of a lifetime, and I have spoken to so many graduates who regret not taking the opportunity while they could. The University of Melbourne is fantastic in providing support for you whilst you are over there, and there are many scholarships available, as well as the opportunity to take out an OS-HELP loan to help fund your exchange. Again, I would recommend exchange to everyone, and no matter where you go, I can guarantee you will love it.

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