Henrietta Farr

Henrietta began a graduate program with the Department of Transport after graduating from the Master of Science (Earth Sciences), adding engineering skills to her geological background.

Henrietta Farr, in hard hat and hi-vis gear, with three calves behind her

My graduate program involves three rotations, including one in regional Victoria. After my initial rotation in the environmental stream as an environmental officer, I’m now in a year-long placement in geotechnical services.

This rotation-style graduate program has helped me to develop a well-rounded skillset and diverse experiences across the business, and I definitely recommend it.

We have a fantastic graduate coordinator who has made sure we have access to executive mentors, in-person and online training and a good network of peers to call on. During my time here, VicRoads has merged with PTV, so now there are even more possible pathways to pursue.

My current team services south-eastern metropolitan Melbourne and Gippsland. Over a usual month, I might spend 2-3 weeks at my desk in our Burwood office, a few days hot-desking at our other metropolitan offices, and up to a week in outer metropolitan Melbourne or Gippsland on field work.

After the latest bushfire crisis, my team was called in as soon as it was safe to advise on re-opening the road network. I saw firsthand the impact of the fires on communities.

Both environmental science and geotechnical engineering center around understanding earth processes, which is what interested me about geology in the first place. Geotechnical engineering has been a stretch for me but it’s good to get out of your comfort zone.

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