Innes Bigaran

Master of Science (Physics) student, Innes Bigaran, reflects on her journey from high school to Masters-level physics.

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When I was very young I was always very excited about understanding how things worked. I would take things apart and look inside or drop them and see if they bounced. My curiosity extended to all avenues of the sciences.

In high school I was already heavily involved with the University through the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars program and wanted to be able to explore a number of different study paths in Science before I made up my mind. I was fairly certain I would end up in some area of Physics by the end of my first semester but if you had asked me when I started, I wouldn't have been certain at all!

The highlight of my studies has been joining my current research group and participating in the Centre of Excellence in Particle Physics at the Terrascale (CoEPP) conference last summer, where I presented some work I did while employed as a Summer Student.

Studying at Melbourne has afforded me the flexibility to find what I enjoy studying the most and exploring all avenues which interest me. It has also meant developing a deeper understanding of my area of study before I chose to pursue it by engaging with excellent academic and research staff at the University.

If you are interested in entering the Master of Science (Physics), or any other discipline, my biggest recommendation is to speak to your lecturers and other academics in the field. The Find an Expert page run by the university has contact details for academics and also whether they supervise students. Meet with them and find out what their field of research entails and find something that you will really love!

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