Jeremy Lee

Master of Science (Earth Sciences) student, Jeremy Lee, reflects on his study highlights and gives his advice for future students.

Jeremy Lee, smiling at camera, standing beside a microscope

I love exploring the natural world and I have always been curious about how things come about. Studying geology has allowed me to learn so many things about the Earth and its history. I have been lucky enough to travel to different places around the world and see some of the finest spectacles Earth has to offer. I can now appreciate the outdoors on a whole new level.

Studying at Melbourne here has created so many opportunities for me. The highlight was travelling to Timor-Leste for my Masters research. I spent six weeks in very remote areas of the island in order to map the geology and collect samples for further analysis. It was an amazing experience to explore places that no one may have been to before and to discover new things previously unseen.

I have met so many like-minded people, I have travelled to unique places, I have gained heaps of knowledge, and I have made lifelong friendships.

Try not to look to far ahead into the future. Have fun with your course, try some different subjects and meet new people. You might find a hidden passion for something!

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