Li Ren Lim

From practical learnings to the diversity of content, Master of Biotechnology student, Li Ren Lim, talks about the highlights of his course.

Li Ren Lim

Science has been an interest of mine from the day I watched Bill Nye the Science Guy back in primary school. Since that day, the fascinating and amazing world of science has captured my heart.

Studying at Australia's No. 1 university speaks for itself! It is a place to get world class education knowing that some of the world's best are here together with you. Being an international student, my time here at the university is an opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and experience the countless amazing things out there.

My course specifically has a diverse pool of students coming from different backgrounds and has been a great place for intercultural exchanges and understanding. I think the university allowed me to grow personally, learn new skills and helps prepare me to go further in my career.

When choosing a major, biotechnology really stood out to me as being the most multidisciplinary. From the ancient art of fermentation (wine and cheese) to genetic manipulation, biotechnology is a field that continues to grow and its boundaries appear limitless.

What I really enjoy about my course is that it has a mix of professional skills subjects in it. This allows the development of soft skills that will be very useful in industry. Through interactions with peers, industry representatives and lecturers, I have gained a better understanding of my field and the wider industry. In addition, the course has provided me with insights to the process of the commercialisation of science as well as the art of scientific communication.

For prospective students, I think that this course really provides you with the technical know-how and applications of scientific theories in the workplace. It also equips you with the professional skills useful in the industry so that you can hit the ground running. Additionally, if you are interested in how products are commercialised from intellectual properties (findings/research of scientists) or if you are interested in being a science communicator and providing the public with facts - debunking perceptions of GMOs and others - then this is the course for you!

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