Michelle Mendonca

Master of Biotechnology student, Michelle Mendonca, gives her advice to future biotechnology students.

Image of Michelle Mendonca

I got introduced to biotechnology when I was taught genetic engineering at school. I took biotechnology as a core subject during high school and have never looked back. I went on to do my bachelors and am now studying a masters degree in the same field, broadening my knowledge and experience.

My professional development as a graduate student has benefited from attending numerous workshops, seminars and networking events at the University. I have had the opportunity to meet passionate individuals from academia and industry, while exchanging ideas and obtaining career advice.

There are lot of career options for students with a biotechnology degree. Before commencing study, I would recommend doing as much research about your chosen program as possible to understand where your interests lie. The best place to start is the Faculty of Science website, followed by looking at the Handbook online for detailed information on courses and subject selection. Speaking to current students and alumni to understand their experience and perspective helps a lot as well.

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