Nayana Khurana

Bachelor of Science student, Nayana Khurana, talks about the benefits of the Melbourne Model and her study abroad experience.

After attending Open Day, I knew I wanted to study at the University of Melbourne. I loved the idea of being able to call this beautiful campus home, and knowing that I would be able to get a world class education during my time here made my decision very easy.

I knew that I did not want to go into a very specific degree straight out of high school, so the Melbourne Model suited me well. Coming into my degree, however, I wasn’t sure if I had made the right choice doing a Bachelor of Science. During my first year I took advantage of the Melbourne Model - taking a wide range of classes to try out different aspects of science and found myself in a stream that I am now in, and love!

Don’t worry too much about whether you’ve made the right choice in terms of what you are studying. The Melbourne Model is structured so that you can try a variety of subjects. This way, you have the opportunity to try a whole range of subjects and see what suits you the best.

I am proud to be studying at the University of Melbourne. My time here is making me a better, more well-rounded person and will hopefully help me achieve my future goals. I went on exchange to America and studied at the University of Virginia for a semester. This was an incredible experience and I got to meet people from all around the world, experiencing life as an American student. It really opened my eyes up to future possibilities!

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