Peter Georgeson

Master of Science (Computer Science) student, Peter Georgeson, talks about his experience returning to study as a way to change career path.

Image of Peter Georgeson

For some time I've been interested in applying my skills to problems that can really help people. In particular, I've had an ongoing interest in applying the relatively recent fields of machine learning, AI, and big data techniques to problems such as the analysis of the human genome. I saw study as an opportunity to change my career path and enter this exciting field.

The University of Melbourne has an excellent reputation, and many ongoing collaborations with other outstanding research institutions. Studying here has created so many opportunities for me in terms of connections and new skills.

I've had the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from domain experts in the field. Their passion, knowledge, and drive has been contagious. I also feel that I am part of a community of like-minded people who are always there to help and motivate.

I was recently offered a job in my chosen field of study and have a new career as a result of the course. I look forward to applying my newly acquired skills to interesting and worthwhile problems by learning from and contributing to the latest research, while being part of a motivated and inspiring community of researchers.

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