Peter Markworth

Master of Science (Chemistry) student, Peter Markworth, discusses the benefits of graduate science.

Peter Markworth

I would highly recommend completing a graduate degree at the University of Melbourne. The University is one of the most highly sought after and the academics are professionals in their fields with the resources and knowledge to help you develop your technical skills and learning. Combine this with the opportunity to work alongside and learn from PhD students and Post Docs, and you have a valuable experience that few people ever get.

I love doing science, and love to learn. I knew a Master’s degree would significantly help my future and career, and the experience and practical knowledge I would gain in an academic environment would be invaluable. I found a research group that I really liked, and a topic that I found interesting, and threw myself into it. It’s important to do things that you enjoy and feel good about achieving.

A Master’s degree is highly valuable for gaining employment locally, but essential when looking abroad. The degree shows that you have perseverance, dedication and creativity, when undergoing self-motivated research.

The benefits of working in a group environment coupled with complying with the safety and procedural rules of a lab, are looked upon as highly favourable, compared to just a graduate. Additionally, you receive a respectable reference from your supervisor and valued friends and contacts from the rest of your lab group and beyond.

The benefits are substantial in either continuing research or seeking employment any number of industries. Your skills such as analytical and communication skills traverse many disciplines.

Grad Science is all about balancing research with study and your personal life. Most labs allow you to work your own hours and all will give you the time you need for study and personal requirements, however good research takes time and dedication. This means being in the lab every week day and organising your life in dedicated breaks if possible. Masters is very much self-motivated, but massively rewarding by the end.

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