Stephanie McColl

To be able to analyse a rock and retrieve the history of the earth, its tectonic evolution, its environmental evolution, is just amazing. Geology is like detective work, in a very 'science-y' way. It definitely challenges you to bring all aspects of your knowledge together to solve a problem.

I did not know exactly what I wanted to study coming out of school, the opportunity to try subjects from different faculties in the Bachelor of Science was very appealing. I quickly realised that Earth Science was for me! The structure of the Bachelor allows for specialization from second year onward, so that also appealed to me! The University has supported a very meaningful personal journey and I think the very accepting culture of the University allows everyone, regardless of their background or interests, to also go on this journey. It has a great community atmosphere and it is has genuinely helped me find who I am, even if that does sound very cliché.

The lecturers and staff in the School of Earth Sciences are absolutely amazing and being part of the school as a postgraduate student has so far been a great experience. The frequent field trips throughout my Bachelor and now in my Masters are definitely a highlight. They allow for a much more in depth understanding of what you are learning and they really force you to put your knowledge into practice. I have made many great friends and got to know the teaching staff very well through these excursions as well.

Stephanie was awarded the P.W. Crohn Scholarship for 2016.

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