Xavier Busuttil-Crellin

Bachelor of Science student, Xavier Busuttil-Crellin, discusses the benefits of a major in Human Structure and Function and the opportunities on offer at Melbourne.

The Bachelor of Science is an excellent degree for those who are unsure about what career they wish to pursue beyond tertiary studies. It provides a vast array of opportunities for students to experience all disciplines of science and tailor their degree to a field of their interest, and thus develop a more definitive path to future endeavours.

I have enjoyed the intellectual challenges posed by University academics and my fellow students. I feel as though this is a driving force that stimulates my desire for learning, and continued passion to engage in a career in science. Being in an environment of like-minded individuals has really aided me in striving for my goals, and provides great support during semester as everyone helps each other out.

A major in Human Structure and Function provides a challenging yet engaging pathway to a career centralised around the study of the human body. The great depth of knowledge of the course itself, and the wealth of knowledge and experience of those who teach the course inspires me to pursue my goals. The teaching staff at the university have ample passion and enthusiasm for areas of study, which enthuses me to delve deeper into a career centralised around human function.

Studying at the University of Melbourne has provided me with the opportunity to engage with the global community, and pursue my interest in the field of science. This has been made possible by the numerous opportunities the university provides, such as the opportunity to volunteer within the university community, providing exceptional academic services and support, and connecting Australian students with a diverse range of students from across the world.

Studying at the University of Melbourne has allowed me to pursue my interests, and connect with the world. In doing so, it has provided me with some of the most valuable experience and memories, which I will no doubt treasure for life.

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