Zebedee Nicholls

Zebedee Nicholls, a PhD candidate in the School of Earth Sciences, talks about returning home to study and the support and study resources available at the University of Melbourne.

Zebedee Nicholls

I think climate change is the most important global challenge of our time and I want to contribute to the decision making process, which is why I decided to pursue my PhD in climate change modelling.

Studying here has given me the chance to move back home to Melbourne and I couldn't be happier in the environment I'm in. The support the University has provided in my course has been great; writing skills (big thanks to Simon Clews and the Melbourne Engagement Lab), computing skills, tips on navigating a PhD, and library and research skills. I feel very lucky to have such great support and studying at Melbourne has given me access to all of it.

Joining the Australian-German Climate and Energy College, a vibrant group of PhD students in fields related to climate and energy, has been a highlight of my studies. If you’re thinking about pursuing a PhD, come in and meet with all of us at the college and discuss your interests - both research and broader - to see if we'd be a good fit.

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