Tips for the end of first year

You've nearly made it through your first year of the Bachelor of Science – congratulations! It really is a fantastic achievement and we hope it has been an exciting and challenging learning curve for you.

Now that you have settled into your second semester routine, it is a great opportunity to consider your options for the rest of your degree. Still deciding on a major? Considering exchange? Why not run through this checklist to see your options:

Map your major

Now is a great time to start thinking about majors. Check out the University Handbook and take some time to map out the subjects you will need to take for your preferred major. This is a great opportunity to check out elective subjects which might complement your major area of interest or alternately explore something completely different, such as foreign language!

Prepare to enrol

Enrolment opens in October. Set a reminder in your phone and get enrolled nice and early so you can kick back and relax over your summer holiday.

Consider a concurrent diploma

concurrent diploma is a great way of adding an extra qualification to your degree – and in some cases it only adds an extra 50 credit points of subjects that could be HECS exempt (i.e. you don’t have to pay for them!).

Get social!

University is not just about the academic side of things – it is also a fantastic opportunity to network and to meet people with similar interests from a diverse background. If you haven’t already, join a club or society. They are a fantastic way to make friends and take a break from your studies. It also looks great on your CV that you are involved in extracurricular activities.

Talk it out

It is good to recognise that you might experience (or have already started to experience) a phenomenon known as the ‘second semester slump’. As the excitement of first semester is over and the reality of study has set in, it is completely normal to feel a bit confused about the direction that you want to take. Make sure that you speak about how you are feeling – whether it is with friends, family, academics or the University Counselling Service.