Tips for the end of third year

Congratulations - you have almost conquered a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne!

Now what? It depends on whether you are looking to go straight into employment, graduate coursework, research, or a massive, well deserved holiday.

The Faculty of Science and the University of Melbourne as a whole has a suite of Map Your Future events, programs and workshops held in September and October to help guide you with your decisions. Take advantage of all that you are able to attend.

Further study: alternative entry options

Don’t meet the entry requirements for your preferred graduate program? Don’t stress! There are often alternate pathways to obtain entry into graduate programs and it is important to investigate all options. An example is for the Master of Science, students that don’t meet the minimum entry requirements (65% average in major subjects and/or ‘appropriate’ major subjects) can potentially enrol in a Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate to meet entry requirements. Also don’t be discouraged if you did not go as well as you would have hoped in your undergraduate degree – almost all students perform better in any subsequent degrees than they did in their undergraduate.

Get job market ready

Now is a great time to understand ‘what employers want’ and how to articulate your skills to prospective employers. The Graduate Destination Survey in 2015 found that the top 8 skills employers are looking for are:

1. Interpersonal and communication skills
2. Passion
3. Logical and technical skills
4. Academic results
5. Work experience
6. Cultural alignment and values
7. Emotional Intelligence
8. Teamwork skills

If you are stuck for what to say in your preparations for an interview or what to write on your resume, head to the Melbourne Careers Centre for assistance.

Get connected

Now that you are almost finished, it is a great idea to join any professional associations that you are interested in. These associations offer information about the sector and act as a great networking tool.  Also, Melbourne University has a fantastic network of alumni, which offers great opportunity to remain connected with the University community, whilst developing new connections both within Australia and abroad.