Tips for the end of second year

You're over halfway there - well done! We hope you're feeling a great sense of satisfaction with your achievement. This is the point in your degree where you may start thinking about the future, so why not consider some of these exciting opportunities.

Considering research?

If you are interested in further study or a career in research, why not try it out first? SCIE30001 Science Research Project (or BIOM30003 Biomedical Research Project) gives students the opportunity to undertake individually supervised research to give students a taste of what honours, research masters or graduate research might be like.

Work, work, work, work

Why not get a taste of working life? SCIE30002 Science and Technology Internship gives students the opportunity to experience the workplace in an 80 – 100 hour work placement during the Summer Term, Semester 1 or Semester 2. It is just like the workforce – you will need to contact potential employers and let them know (why they should let you work there?!).

Think ahead

If you are considering Graduate entry courses (such as Medicine, Law or Management) there may be external entry tests that you need to undertake. Now is the time to start preparing and getting organised! The Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) and The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) are two such tests. They are externally administered exams; jump online to learn more about the costs and how to adequately prepare.

Add some breadth

A great way of knowing whether particular graduate courses may or may not interest you is breadth subjects - make sure you try out an area (such and management or law). Have a look at all the breadth subjects there are available in the Bachelor of Science.

Smarten up

Academic Skills is a great service to help improve your study skills including note taking, time management and writing essays. The service is for students of all different skill levels – it is also for students who want to finally get an H1 for an essay!

Get prepared

Graduate Employment Programs can close as early as March the year before the program is offered, so if you want to go straight into the workforce make sure you spend some time seeing how to stand out from the crowd. The Melbourne Careers Centre can help you practice behavioural interviews and understand psychometric testing.