Become a BSc Peer Mentor

The BSc Peer Mentoring Program is designed to support commencing Bachelor of Science students as they transition into tertiary study.

What is peer mentoring?

As a Peer Mentor, your role will be to provide tips, ideas and skills, which will support commencing students in their transition to the university life. Peer mentors are not tutors, but rather a part of an important support structure that guides students as they find their feet in the tertiary environment.

Why be a Peer Mentor?

As a Peer Mentor you can make a difference in the lives of new students as they adapt to life at University. Additionally, as a Peer Mentor you can develop important skills that will assist in your own transition to the workplace, including:

  • Leadership capabilities: You will lead a group of less experienced students and act as a role model, providing guidance and support as they transition into life at the University and in the Bachelor of Science.
  • Communication skills: You will develop the skills needed to facilitate conversation amongst your group of mentees. All Peer Mentors will be invited to participate in a formal cross-cultural communication training program.
  • Develop your network: As a Peer Mentor you will have the opportunity to meet new people from across different disciplines of the BSc. There will be regular opportunities to network with other mentors and develop skills to communicate confidently with people from across a range of disciplines and levels of seniority.
  • EQ and reflective practice: The ability to reflect on one’s actions and engage in a process of continuous learning is an essential skill in today’s workplace. As a part of the Peer Mentoring training program we will encourage Mentors to actively reflect on their first-year experience and take this into consideration throughout the mentoring experience.

Meet our mentors

The skills you will develop as a part of this program align perfectly with the types of skills employers are looking for and offer the opportunity to have real-world experience to provide in interviews.

Skills employers want:

What is involved?

As a Peer Mentor, you will be assigned to a group of first-year students who you will meet with on a weekly basis until Week 5, followed by three activities towards the end of semester.

From Week 2 - 5 there will be free activities, scheduled weekly. These are designed to support the group with getting to know each other and learning about University and the BSc. There will be two mentors assigned to each group.

This program is designed by the mentors. As a mentor you get to decide what topics will be canvassed and the best way to engage the mentees with the program.

Examples of activities undertaken in Semester 1, 2019 include:



Week 2

BBQ with lawn games

Week 3

Ice-cream in the sunshine

Week 4

Crepe catch-up

Week 5

Milkshakes and board games

Week 6

Cross-Cultural Communication workshop

Week 10

Pre-Exams Pizza


Eid celebratory dinner with guest speaker

What is the commitment?

  • All interested students are invited to apply. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an informal interview in early July. For those students who will be overseas/interstate, phone interviews can be arranged.
  • Attend a training/planning workshop on the 25th of July. Ability to attend this day is a requirement for participating in the program.
  • Facilitate discussion and support participation in group-based activities. Don’t worry, you’ll be provided with resources, guidelines and training to enable this!
  • Make a commitment to attend at least half of all scheduled activities. There will be 2 mentors assigned to each group, so we ask that you coordinate with your counterpart to ensure at least one mentor is at each meet up.
  • Email your mentees on a regular basis during semester – again, don’t worry you’ll be given resources and topics to help you along the way!

How do I apply?

Apply online


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