Earth Sciences

Combine the experimental side of chemistry and the hands-on work of biology, with the analytical and spatial aspects of maths and the global focus of geography and environmental sciences. That’s Earth Sciences!

Earth Sciences can open doors to a huge number of career options - check out some of them in the infographic below.

The careers of an earth scientist  (PDF 4.9 MB)

The Earth Sciences subject set

Which Earth Sciences subjects should I take?

  • EVSC10001 The Global Environment
    This subject introduces you to geology, geography, climate and environmental science, providing an overview of the processes controlling the formation and evolution of our global environment, right back to the origin of Earth as a planet within the solar system.

Choose one:

  • ATOC10001 Wonders of Weather
    Learn about how the atmosphere and oceans determine many aspects of our lives, exploring questions such as what controls when and where it rains, the ocean currents, seasonal snowfalls and tropical cyclones.
  • ERTH10002 Understanding Planet Earth
    Dig deeper into the processes governing the geological evolution of our Earth. As part of this subject, you’ll participate in a three-day field trip, and gain hands-on experience investigating Victoria’s geology and fossils

Other Earth Sciences subjects

Interested in Earth sciences, but not keen on the subject set? Or looking to expand upon it? These subjects are available to all BSc students. Remember, you must complete Level 1 subjects from at least two different areas of science and you can take a maximum of three subjects from any one area.

  • ERTH10003 Geology for Engineers
    Through practical classes, including a field trip, you’ll explore the solid Earth and components that make up its surface, and learn about relevant engineering applications. You can’t enrol in this subject if you’ve completed or enrolled in ERTH10002 Understanding Planet Earth.

Majors linked to Earth Sciences

This subject set is recommended for the following majors:

Climate and Weather
(ATOC10001 EVSC10001 recommended)
Geology (ERTH10002 required)

Earth Science is taught by the School of Earth Sciences

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