Engineering Systems

Are you a problem-solver? An innovator? Do you like to pull things apart and put them back together again just to see how they work? Then engineering systems may be the right choice for you.

The Engineering Systems subject set

Which Engineering Systems subjects should I take?

  • ENGR10004 Engineering Technology and Society
    Explore the world of engineering through a mix of design projects, interactive workshops and lectures centring on the engineering method - the approach to problem solving and engineering design that makes engineers unique
  • ENGR10006 Engineering Modelling and Design
    The subject will develop your understanding of the engineering modelling and design processes by taking you through the life cycle of a real-world engineering project and using a combination of lectures and hands-on workshop sessions.

Other Engineering Systems subjects

Interested in engineering, but not keen on the Engineering Systems subject set? Or looking to expand upon it? This subject is available to all BSc students. Remember, you must complete Level 1 subjects from at least two different areas of science and you can take a maximum of three subjects from any one area.

  • ERTH10003 Geology for Engineers
    Through practical classes, including a field trip, you’ll explore the solid Earth and components that make up its surface, and learn about relevant engineering applications.

Other study areas available

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