Information Technology

The world is awash with information, and IT is the central nervous system of our modern world. The internet of things. The cloud. How do we store, secure, interpret and present the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data we produce every minute? The answer is in the hands of computer programmers, data scientists and other IT specialists.

The Information Technology subject set

Which Information Technology subjects should I take?

  • COMP10001 Foundations of Computing
    This subject teaches students with little or no background in computer programming how to design and write basic programs using a high-level procedural programming language, and to solve simple problems using these IT skills.
  • COMP10002 Foundations of Algorithms
    Discover a system programming language that gives programmers detailed levels of control, explore a range of standard data structures and algorithmic techniques, and learn how to apply them to frequently encountered problems.

Other Information Technology subjects

Interested in Information Technology, but not keen on the subject set? Or looking to expand upon it? This subjects are available to all BSc students. Remember, you must complete Level 1 subjects from at least two different areas of science and you
can take a maximum of three subjects from anyone area.

  • ENVS10006 Mapping Environments
    Explore how information is produced and used to support decision making in urban and rural environments. Develop your spatial literacy and learn about methods of data collection, mapping, information communication through visualisation, and decision-support systems.

Majors linked to Information Technology

This subject set is a requirement for the following majors:

Information Technology is taught by the School of Computing and Information Systems

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