Physical Sciences

Biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine – pull them apart bit by bit and, at their most fundamental level, they all come down to physics. So, if you want to understand how a bumblebee flies, or how human metabolism works, or how to design a wind turbine that doesn’t fall down, study physics.

The Physical Sciences subject set

Which Physical Sciences subjects should I take?

That depends! There are several subjects available, and you’ll choose initially based on your existing physics knowledge, and then on the area of physics you’re most interested in.

Semester 1 – choose from:

  • PHYC10009 Foundations of Physics
    This subject is designed for students with minimal background in physics and will build your understanding of a range of important physics principles and applications.
  • PHYC10003 Physics 1
    You can choose this subject if you’ve completed VCE Physics 3/4 (or equivalent). This is the standard Semester 1 subject choice for the Physical Sciences subject set. If you didn’t complete VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4 (or equivalent), it is recommended that you enrol in Calculus 1 as well.
  • PHYC10001 Physics 1: Advanced
    This subject is for students who want a deeper, more challenging introduction to physics, who scored excellent results in both VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4 (or equivalent)– normally an unscaled score of at least 35, and VCE Units 3/4 Physics (or equivalent) – normally an unscaled score of at least 35.

Semester 2 – choose from:

  • PHYC10004 Physics 2: Physical Sciences and Technology
    This is the recommended Semester 2 subject choice for students who want to major in Physics, Mathematical Physics or any Engineering Systems stream. You’ll learn about principles of physics with applications relevant to these areas.
  • PHYC10006 Physics 2: Life Sciences and Environment
    This is the recommended Semester 2 subject choice for students who want to major in one of the biomedical sciences. You’ll learn about principles of physics with applications relevant to these areas.
  • PHYC10002 Physics 2: Advanced
    If you completed PHYC10001 in Semester 1, you’re encouraged to enrol in this subject in Semester 2, where you’ll learn about
    the theory and applications of physics principles. This subject isn’t available to students who completed PHYC10009 in Semester 1.

Other Physical Sciences subjects

Interested in physics, but not keen on the Physical Sciences subject set? Or looking to expand upon it? These subjects are available to all BSc students. Remember, you must complete Level 1 subjects from at least two different areas of science and you can take a maximum of three subjects from any one area.

  • PHYC10008 From the Solar System to the Cosmos
    Explore all aspects of our universe, from the solar system we live in to the Milky Way and beyond.
  • MULT10011 Introduction to Life, Earth & Universe
    Tackle the big questions through this subject, from asking about life on Earth to considering the structure of the universe.

Majors linked to Physical Sciences

This subject set is a requirement for the following majors:

Electrical Systems Mathematical PhysicsMechanical SystemsMechatronics Systems

Physical Sciences are taught by the School of Physics

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