Psychological Sciences

Whether you’re just curious or looking to incorporate psychology into your future career, study psychological sciences to explore every stage of human behaviour, and learn the practical aspects of developmental, social and clinical psychology.

The Psychological Sciences subject set

Which Psychological Sciences subjects should I take?

  • PSYC10003 Mind, Brain & Behaviour 1
    Learn all about the workings of the individual from a psychological perspective. This subject will help you consider the nature of a person’s internal world, and the importance of its relationship to the external world.
  • PSYC10004 Mind, Brain & Behaviour 2
    This subject explores the development of the individual and their interaction with their environment, and questions what the consequences are when this interaction goes smoothly - and when it doesn’t. You’ll examine the nature and development of personality and human interaction in social groups and cultural settings.

Psychological Sciences electives

Interested in psychology, but not keen on the Psychological Sciences subject set? Or looking to expand upon it? This subject is available to all BSc students. Remember, you must complete Level 1 subjects from at least two different areas of science and you can take a maximum of three subjects from any one area.

  • SCIE10004 Human Sciences: From Cells to Societies
    Investigate the different perspectives making up our understanding of human sciences at all scales, from evolutionary biology to psychology and geography.

Majors linked to Psychological Sciences

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