Research project subjects

Undertaking a research project is a fantastic way to develop practical scientific skills. It will also provide valuable experience to students considering honours, masters or a PhD in Science.

SCIE30001 Science Research Project

The Science Research Project is an individual program of supervised research in which the student, in consultation with a supervisor, contributes to the design, execution and presentation of a research project.

The project may be ‘stand-alone’ or part of a larger research program being undertaken by the supervisor. The specific details of the project, including its scope and the compilation, analysis and presentation of the results, are negotiated with the supervisor and, as appropriate, the Science Research Project Coordinator(s).

You can undertake a project in most disciplines within the Faculty of Science, and should approach a potential supervisor within a discipline area that is aligned to your research interest. You will receive feedback on progress through ongoing consultation with your supervisor.

This subject provides an opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience of scientific research, and is intended for undergraduate students who have achieved excellent results in the discipline related to the project. Undertaking the Science Research Project provides invaluable insights for students considering a career in scientific research.

Application process

1. Discuss potential projects with the relevant discipline coordinator

  • BioSciences
  • Chemistry

    Contact: Professor Richard O'Hair.

    Students should consult with the School of Chemistry about enrolment in either SCIE30001 Science Research Project or the alternative subject CHEM30013 Chemical Research Project.

  • Ecosystem and Forest Sciences

    Contact: Dr Chris Weston.

  • Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

    Earth sciences contact: Professor Ralf Haese.

    Geography contact: Professor Russell Drysdale.

  • Mathematics and Statistics

    Contact: Dr Lawrence Reeves.

    Students should also investigate Third-year opportunities in Mathematics and Statistics.

  • Physics

    Contact: Associate Professor Matthew Dolan.

  • Other disciplines

    If you are interested in a SCIE30001 research project outside the above list of disciplines, you will need to:

    • Discuss potential projects with staff from the relevant school
    • Find a project supervisor from the relevant school
    • Obtain permission from the relevant Head of Department.

2. Complete the Science Research Project Application Form

This form must be completed by the student and supervisor and signed off by the relevant discipline coordinator. Email the completed application form to at least two weeks before the start of semester.

Application form

If your application is approved you will be enrolled into the subject and contacted via email. If your application is not successful, we will let you know via email.

BIOM30003 Biomedical Science Research Project

If you are interested in completing a research project in the Biomedical Science disciplines, please visit the Biomedical Science page for information.

ENST30002 Land and Environment Research Project

Application process

1. Discuss potential projects with the discipline coordinator

Contact lan Bland, the discipline coordinator for the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.

2. Complete the Land and Environment Research Project Application Form

This form must be completed by the student and supervisor and signed off by the relevant discipline coordinator, then submitted via Stop 1's Enrolment Variation Form.

Application form (PDF 372.7 KB) Submit via Stop 1

If the application is approved, Stop 1 will enrol you in the subject and will send you confirmation. If your application is not approved, you will be notified by Stop 1.

Sonia Poetrodjojo, in lab gear, with lab equipment in the background
The Science Research Project was an awesome opportunity to see what goes on in the day-to-day life of a researcher. It gave me an extra push towards further study, and I can now definitely imagine myself as a researcher. Sonia Poetrodjojo, Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry