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Scholarships, prizes and awards available for Graduate research

P J Adams Research Award (Earth Sciences)
Baragwanath Geology Research Scholarship
Dame Margaret Blackwood Soroptimist Scholarship (Graduate Research - BioSciences)
Margaret Catto Scholarship (BioSciences)
Daniel Curdie Scholarship
Dawson Bursary (Graduate Research Degree bursary - Biological Sciences)
Dieul-Kurzweil Scholarship (Physics)
Sophie Ducker Postgraduate Scholarship (BioSciences)
G.I. Feutrill Award (Chemistry)
John & Allan Gilmour Research Awards (Earth Sciences; Ecosystem & Forest Sciences
The Stanley Harvey Prize (Chemistry)
David Lachlan Hay Memorial Fund (Postgraduate Writing-Up Award)
David Lachlan Hay Memorial Fund (RHD students - Thesis Binding Grant)
T.W. Healy Award (Chemistry)
E.S. Hills Memorial Scholarship (Earth Sciences)
Andrew Kirby Award for Research Excellence (Chemistry)
Caroline Kay's Scholarship (BioSciences)
The Professor Kernot Research Scholarship in Chemistry
The Professor Kernot Research Scholarship in Physics
Jasper Loftus-Hills Award (BioSciences)
John and Betty McCreery Scholarship
Hilda Trevelyan Morrison Bequest
Elizabeth and Vernon Puzey Scholarship
The Ramm Prize in Experimental Physics
Monica Elizabeth Reum Memorial Prize (Chemistry)
Gilbert Rigg Scholarship (Mining and Metallurgy)
G.A.M. Scott Research Award (BioSciences)
Albert Shimmins Fund (RHD Writing-Up Award)
Eugen Singer Award (PhD award for study in Polymers)
George Sweet Scholarship (Earth Sciences)
C.M. Tattam Scholarship (Earth Sciences)
John S. Turner Postgraduate Scholarship (BioSciences)
John Tyndall Scholarship (Physics)
Ethel McLennan Award (BioSciences)
Gretna Weste Plant Pathology & Mycology Scholarship
Dublin Prize
George Lansell Scholarship (Mining & Metallurgy)
Alfred Nicholas Fellowship (BioSciences)
The M. L. Urquhart Graduate Prize (Mathematics & Statistics)
The John Hodgson Scholarship
The Women in Physics Award
The Genetics Research Award
John and Betty McCreery Travelling/Study Scholarship
N.D. Goldsworthy Scholarship for Physics
The Norma Hilda Schuster (nee Swift) Scholarship (Student award - Biochemistry)
Ormond College Walter Family Scholarship (Mathematics)
The Greg Hjorth Memorial Prize (Mathematics & Statistics)
The Frank Keenan Trust Fund Scholarships (Horticulture - SEFS)
David H Ashton Scholarship (BioSciences)
David Ashton Travel Award (BioSciences)
Protist Systematics Research Fund
R S Fox Forestry Bursaries
The Maurice and Helen Wood Memorial Scholarship (Horticulture - SEFS)
The John James Woodward Prize (Forestry, Horticulture - SEFS)
The Madeleine Selwyn-Smith Memorial Fund (Arboriculture - SEFS)
The Julia Marion Harvey Hale Bequest (SEFS)
The Samuel Francis Pond Trust (SEFS)
The Pownall, Irving, Davies Award (SEFS)
Science Abroad Travelling Scholarships
Michael Webber Doctoral Prize in Geography
Dr Alan Kenneth Head Travelling Scholarships (Physics)
Indigenous PhD Scholarship in Science
The Faculty of Science Postgraduate Writing-Up Award
PhD Top-Up Scholarship in Mathematics & Statistics
The Dr Betty Elliott Horticulture Scholarship (Horticulture - SEFS)