Environmental Engineering Systems

Advice on how to plan your exchange within the Bachelor of Science

Optimal exchange dates: Year 2: Semester 2

Planning your exchange: The easiest way to go on exchange in Year 2 of the Environmental Engineering Systems major is to take MAST20029 Engineering Mathematics, MAST20031 Analysis of Biological Data and ENEN20002 Earth Processes for Engineering in Semester 1 of Year 2 at the University of Melbourne. Students can then enrol in a selection of Science Electives/Breadth subjects at the partner institution.

Things to consider: The Faculty of Science has mapped a few Level 2 pre-requisite subjects at partner institutions. Students could therefore opt to take a year abroad incorporating major subjects. We recommend that students at least consider attempting to find an equivalent MAST20029 Engineering Mathematics during their time abroad.

Mapped subjects for the Environmental Engineering Systems major include:

University of Melbourne subjectPartner institutionEquivalent subjectNotes
MAST20029 Engineering MathematicsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIntro differential equations MATH 285 AND Calculus III MATH 241
MAST20029 Engineering MathematicsUniversity College LondonModelling and Analysis, ENGF0004

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