Advice on how to plan your exchange within the Bachelor of Science

Optimal exchange dates: Year 2: Semester 2

Planning your exchange: Students should complete MIIM20001 Principles of Microbiology & Immunology in Semester 1 of Year 2. The Faculty of Science have mapped several options at various partner universities which would ensure students meet Level 3 pre-requisite requirements whilst abroad in Semester 2.

Mapped subjects for the Immunology major include:

University of Melbourne subjectPartner institutionEquivalent subjectNotes
MIIM30002 Principles of ImmunologyKorea Institute of Science and TechnologyImmunology, BS452
MIIM30002 Principles of ImmunologyMcGill UniversityIntermediate Immunology, MIMM 314
MIIM30002 Principles of ImmunologyUniversity of BirminghamH Molecular and Cellular Immunology, 03 21894
MIIM20002 Microbes, Infections & ResponsesUniversity of BristolInfection and Immunity, PANM22041

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