Mathematical Physics

Advice on how to plan your exchange within the Bachelor of Science

Optimal exchange dates: Year 2: Semester 2

Key subjects: PHYC20015 Special Relativity and Electromagnetism (Sem 2 only)

Planning your exchange: The Mathematical Physics major has several Level 2 pre-requisite subjects. The easiest time to take exchange is in Semester 2 of Year 2 as PHYC20015 Special Relativity and Electromagnetism is the only required subject that semester. It is recommended that students also complete MAST20030 Differential Equations. where possible students should attempt to find an equivalent at the host institution.

Things to consider: The Faculty of Science has mapped 1 subject considered equivalent to PHYC20015 Special Relativity and Electromagnetism at a partner institution. We are in the process of finding more but encourage students to search at host institutions for an appropriate option.

Mapped subjects for the Mathematical Physics major include:

University of Melbourne subjectPartner institutionEquivalent subjectNotes
PHYC20015 Special Relativity and ElectromagnetismDurham UniversitySpecial Relativity and Electromagnetism IIDurham University only accepts year long exchange students, commencing in UoM Semester 2
MAST20026 Real AnalysisUniversity of California, BerkeleyMATH 104 Introduction to AnalysisCovers the material of MAST20026 (except for the material on proof techniques) and some extra material on metric spaces. Students are advised to do some additional reading on proof techniques before taking this subject.
MAST20009 Vector CalculusCarnegie Melon UniversityCalculus in Three DimensionsSubject is missing general curvilinear coordinates and the vector identities, but is still a good replacement for MAST20009
MAST20026 Real AnalysisUniversity of California, BerkeleyMATH104 Introduction to Analysis

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