Faculty of Science Graduate Research Conference 2023

28 November 2023

The Faculty of Science Graduate Research Conference 2023 took place on Tues 28 Nov, in the Singapore and Malaysia Theatres, Basement Level, Melbourne Design School (Glyn Davis Building 133).

The conference was a chance to celebrate and showcase the innovative research undertaken across various schools within the faculty.

Throughout the day, over 70 honours, masters and graduate research students presented their vital research across eight research themes to over 200 attendees.

There were also poster presentations, and plenty of opportunities to mingle and network over food and refreshments, including canapes and drinks to wrap up a thought-provoking and exciting day.

Conference Themes & Presenters

  • Theory and methods

    The 'theory and methods' theme focuses on the fundamental building blocks of science. This theme explores the main ideas and theories that help scientists understand and explain natural phenomena, and the practical tools and techniques used to study them.


    • Stanley Bagio
    • Maddison Crombie
    • Anirban Ghosh
    • Ariel Jones
    • Amin Karimi
    • Huan Li
    • Joel Maldonado Aguas
    • Mahnaz Mandeh
    • Ziqi Qi
    • Xinwei Ruan
    • Ninh Tran
  • Synthesis and manufacturing

    Meeting the needs of modern societies requires an ever-growing array of materials requiring human design and production. The 'synthesis and manufacture' theme is the place for all research focused on new substances or new methods of production, regardless of scale or stage of development.


    • Oluwatosin Falade
    • Ahmed Farhan Labib
    • Haotong Yu
    • Luca Zudich
    • Khatereh Edalati
  • Monitoring and modelling

    Creating models and monitoring real-world systems, processes, or phenomena serves as a crucial link between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Monitoring provides essential data for advancing research within a particular field, while modelling enables us to understand and analyse complex systems in a systematic way. This theme encompasses simulations, machine learning, or theoretical models, and monitoring techniques in different fields of study.


    • Natalie Harris
    • James Kerlidis
    • Septiana Septiana
    • Joel Treutlein
    • Chenchen Xing
    • Jiashuai Zhu
    • Hritika Gupta
    • Nicholas Kah Yean
    • Jake Willet
    • Limin Xu
    • Wenjing Yang
    • Lukman Soboyejo
    • Yun-Li Hsieh
  • Animals and the environment

    Animals and the Environment are intricately interconnected and are incredibly diverse in their biodiversity. This theme explores the diversity of flora and fauna, as well as their relationships and interactions, and the issues afflicting them.


    • Aindreeya Alcova
    • Sugandhika Welikadage
    • Lily Wheeler
    • Zhiyi Wang
    • Rutu Galea
    • Hareem Qazi
    • Kona Adhikary
    • Danielle Wallace
    • Kevin Newman
    • Julie Fiedler
    • Claudia Helena Giraldo Escobar
    • Liam Timms
    • Dan Guinto
    • Endris Ali
    • Melissa Hernandez Poveda
    • Maya Cameron
    • Sagar Regmi
    • Carl Pille
  • Location, place and time

    Scientific investigation of any sort requires an appreciation of context, encompassing past and present forces which have shaped the research subject and its own subsequent effects on its environment. The 'location, place and time' theme serves to showcase research from diverse fields which illustrates why historical and physical context matter.


    • Lynda Hoare
    • Aishath Azfa
  • Food security

    Food security is achieved when people always have access to sufficient and safe food for a healthy life. This theme will address issues related to food production and availability, access to food, and utilisation of food.


    • Anam Afzal
    • Zijian Liang
    • Narelle Nancarrow
    • Barana Hewa Nadugala
    • Lok Hang Chan
    • Bhawana Bhattarai
    • Safieh Soleimannejad
    • Afka Deen
    • Ana Parra Nunez
    • Ashwin Srikanth
    • Faezeh Ebrahimi
  • Climate and environmental changes

    Identifying environmental changes and determining their biological effects are crucial to conserving biodiversity and safeguarding human, animal and plant health. This theme encompasses both the widespread and rapid effects of climate change and more localised changes, e.g. pesticide exposure or habitat loss.


    • George Lester
    • Benjamin Harris
    • Priya Singh
    • Mathilde Dubois
    • Maddison McLeod
    • Trish Koh
    • Erandi Herath
    • Fadhlil Rizki Muhammad
    • Li Bi
    • Mishal Gudka
    • Ashritha Dorai
  • Health, disease and development

    This theme will explore the importance of understanding some of the key challenges facing both veterinary and medical science to be able to better address these challenges into the future.


    • Victor Rudkowsky
    • Maxine Rice
    • Xiaowei Liu
    • Kimberley Carey
    • Sarah Pearse
    • Yangyi Zhang
    • Kanishka Kamathewatta Walawwe
    • Sahar Zare
    • Evelyn Huang
    • Siyao Liu
    • Devmini Bhagya Mendis
    • Zoe Whitehouse
    • Hanyue Feng
    • Chathuri Rodrigo
    • Zainab Umar Abdullahi
    • Charlotte Thomson
    • Tilini De Silva
    • Lucia Rochford