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With your help, we can provide life-changing opportunities to talented science students who face disadvantage or hardship.

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How your gift will be used

Your tax-deductible donation will be used to fund scholarships awarded to science students who have demonstrated their potential to succeed academically, but who may need some assistance to realise their full potential.

Your gift could provide the financial stability needed to for a student to succeed in their university degree. Or, later in their studies, it could provide them with valuable opportunities to develop their skills or networks.

Donations of any size can make a big difference to the lives of our students.

Impact of donations

Daniel Ferlewicz

Daniel Ferlewicz

I grew up in the Broadmeadows area in a single-parent household. Throughout high school my teachers would keep me trying to dream big, telling me I could make it as far in life as I dared to go.

I wanted to believe them, but I knew the difficulties of trying to break out of a disadvantaged financial background.

In the first year of my Master of Science studies, I was lucky enough to receive the Jean E Laby Bursary.  Receiving the bursary has definitely changed how I see my future from here.

In knowing that there are people out there willing to give a helping hand, I want to keep pushing on with my studies, trying to break through the barriers that I’ve had in the hope that one day I will be able to give back to society through some breakthrough or contribution to the field.

I’m sure I speak for all recipients of a bursary when I say thank you for all the good you are doing in other people’s lives.

Daniel Ferlewicz, recipient of the Jean E Laby Bursary

Danielle Christensen

Danielle Christensen

The scholarship I received, which supports female PhD students in genetics, allowed me to spend some time in Houston to expand my research at a leading laboratory in the field of fly genetics.

Using the techniques I learned at the Bellen Lab, I soon published my first first-author paper, and will shortly publish my second. Some of this work also sparked interest from Bayer Crop Science and was followed up by their labs in Germany.

My time in the Bellen Lab provided me with many networking opportunities and led to an invitation for future employment.

It is wonderful that donor support can provide this opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds. My scholarship reassured me that I had made the right choice in pursuing my love of Science!

Danielle Christensen, recipient of the Dame Margaret Blackwood Soroptimist Scholarship

Thanks from the Dean

Karen Day

The Faculty has many talented and enthusiastic students. We may not be privy to the obstacles that some of them face.

Until recently, the Faculty of Science had no needs-based scholarships. In response, I have established the Dean’s Fund for Science Scholarships. This Fund will enable us to support students in need at any stage of their studies. This could be to help disadvantaged students transition to university or fund enrichment activities for them in later years. Even the smallest donation will help build this fund and ultimately assist our students.

Professor Karen Day, Dean of Science

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