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Penny Whetton was an outstanding leader as a climate scientist and a great advocate for and communicator about the need for powerful action on climate change.

Your donation in memory of Penny will directly support our students and will contribute to finding solutions to global challenges in climate science and communication and action needed to address our climate change crisis.

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Penny Whetton

Dr Penny Whetton was an international leader in the science of regional climate change projections. She was actively engaged in the communication of climate change projections for Australia, leading to an improved national understanding of and preparedness to respond to climate change.

Penny had a distinguished 25-year career at CSIRO, and was the lead author of three reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

She had a long association with the University of Melbourne, completing a Bachelor of Science then a PhD, in which she studied rainfall and climate in Victoria. She was an Honorary Fellow of the School of Earth Sciences and most recently she contributed her expertise at the Climate and Energy College.

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