Science Experience

science experience kids

The Science Experience is a 3-day summer program where high school students get to meet other students from all around Victoria and work through a fun, interactive program of activities.

Students will get to experience university life with lectures, laboratory experiments and hands-on experiences run by our top ranking academic staff, all whilst exploring our world-class facilities.

Some of the highlights for our program:

  • Explore the secrets of the universe through the physics and laser show
  • Study fossils and minerals in an introduction to geology
  • Tour the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology
  • Playing games and exploring strategies using mathematical theories and ideas
  • Learn how to code and use geometry to complete specific drone flying patterns
  • Uncover how air moves in the atmosphere and influences our climate and weather
  • Explore the chemistry of life and how simple changes to structure can have big reactions
  • Learn to extract DNA and discover how we study genetics in the lab
  • Understand how traditional agricultural knowledge and techniques can help us life a more sustainable, healthy life

There are only 50 places each year, register early so you don't miss out.

For more information about the 2021 program, please visit The Science Experience.