Report: Roadmap for a Resilient Melbourne Food System

This new report outlines a vision and roadmap to build the resilience of Melbourne’s food system to shocks and stresses.

This vision and roadmap was developed through a collaborative process involving a wide range of stakeholders.

Key recommendations include:

  • Develop a Victorian food resilience plan to strengthen the resilience of the state’s food system to future shocks and stresses
  • Embed self-determination and food sovereignty of Victoria’s First Nations peoples at the centre of the state’s food resilience plan
  • Ensure equitable access to food by legislating the Right to Food, establishing clear government responsibility, and addressing the underlying causes of food insecurity
  • Promote regenerative and agroecological production systems by facilitating stakeholder co-development of regional plans and incentivising best practice and innovation
  • Promote protected closed loop and urban agriculture by reviewing policy and regulatory barriers, providing investment, and establishing training pathways
  • Develop integrated policy and regulatory frameworks to promote circular food economies
  • Support local and regional food supply chains by investing in local food processing and distribution, and supporting the development of decentralised logistics and marketing schemes
  • Ensure sustainable livelihoods by providing a living wage in food and farming and diverse career and training pathways.

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